VORGA - A Path of Two Banks

A film about a dream, tundra and a nomadic natgion of European Nenets.

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Running time: 69 minutes
Czech + English version
Vorga is the Nenets’ sacred trail, which the herdsmen have used for centuries to move their herds across tundra, all the way to the Barents Sea shore.
Contemporary Nenets are different … they live in villages, they do not want to /cannot/ be nomads anymore. The traditional nomadic culture has almost merged with the Russian culture, a nomadic Nenet is disappearing … The oil refineries quickly take up the vast areas of tundra, parts of the sacred trail are damaged by trucks. Yet there still exists the original nomadic life at the end of VORGA deep in tundra! Silence and Peace.
Rustle of the sea and noise of the wind. Slow time flow and limitless freedom! But only until the helicopter comes …
A documentary about searching the Path of two banks – of civilization and tradition, of the outer – materialistic and the inner – divine, of what is disappearing and what stays forever …