/Nikolai and Ludmila/

I set out for the Siberian taiga to find descendants of the ancient Hesychasts;
those who love silence…
A Documentary Essay

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Running time: 65min
Czech + English version
A filmed portrait of two people living in Siberia – “at the end of the world.”
They have already lived through much, but still have a ways to go in life…they raised children, but they now live differently and elsewhere. In the morning, the two wake with the question, “How now?”...and more importantly, “Why?”
Ludmila is a 50-year old woman living alone on the edge of the Taiga biome, in the deserted village of Ordzhonikidze, on the banks of the river Angara in central Siberia. She writes poetry and paints pictures. She lived in an orthodox convent. She learned to be alone, goes through life alone, and solitude is her Path. Nikolai is a 50-year-old man living in a cottage on the banks of Angara. A fisherman and hunter, he professes the ancient Slavic pagan religion, whose highest God is ROOT. For him, to be in Nature means to be “near the ROOT,” and therefore near to God.

They know nothing of each other, yet hold many things in common. You know nothing of each of them, but perhaps you may hold in common many things with them.