Waiting for the Reindeer Yoke

A Documentary Film about joy, death and Izems’ open heart

festivals, prizes,

52 mins
in colour
czech or english subtitles

Iziem people are one of the ethnic groups belonging to the Republic of Komi, to the Ugro-finnic language group. Their life is dependent on reindeers - Iziem people use reindeer meat and skin, they make clothes from it - shoes /pimas/, coats /malices/…and everybody in the village waits for the men and brothers to return on the reindeer yokes from tundra bringing the reindeer flocks.
An ethnographer Galya, who comes from this area, is returning here with us after many years of living in the capital city. She is trying to understand what this land and culture still means for her, how it forms the character of people living here permanently, what it means - to be an Iziem man, …