A Dialogue in the Editing Room
A doc. film about Russian Oldbelievers, about us, about islands and bridges…

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Running time: 52 minutes
in colour
title: Czech, English
The island Skitskoj is located on the North of European part of Russia, in an inaccessible forestland on Pizma River, in Pechora river basin.
The Olbelievers community lives there – hidden from civilization, the surrounding world full of changes.
The documentary traces the progress of the transforming relationship between the Oldbelievers and us - the film makers. The very central point of the film is this Meeting. The documentary joins two stories together - the "dramatic" meeting which happened there - on the Skitskoj island, and the calm inner "meeting" after the return - in the broad "dialogue in the editing room" while finishing the film.

Premiére: 7.3.2008 International Film festival ONE WORLD Prague – competition section.