A Legend of the Bird's Egg

A unique documentary about the shaman spirit of the Komi nation living in the north of Russia.

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in colour
Czech subtitles,
English + Russian version
An ancient legend tells a story about the legendary shaman Kyska´s heart, which turned to stone. After shaman´s death a big bird of prey carried the heart away and dropped it deep in taiga forest – not known where for centuries.
The lost heart – egg symbolizes searching for person´s own identity, an effort to interconnect the past and future times, to join the legend and reality.

Searching for stability in today´s chaotic world.
Vladimir Karmanov, a countryman from a Vytchegod village Vilgort, found the shaman´s heart of stone in taiga forest in 2001…

The film was made with a support of the Czech Ministry of Culture.

The film won the GOLDEN KINGFISHER PRIZE for the best full-length documentary film on the Finale Czech Film Festival in Pilsen 2006.