Dokumentární filmy 2005-2016   

   /about music as a spiritual path /   »»

Raduga /the Rainbow celebration/   »»
   /the soul solace of Yuri Petrovich/   »»

In The Lands of Silence /Nikolaj a Ludmila/   »»
Waiting for the Reindeer Yoke   »»
Them, Us and Skitskoj   »»
VORGA - A Path of Two Banks   »»
A Legend of the Bird's Egg   »»

 For you to keep calm watching our films – in your space, and time at your convenience; we, with the help of our friends (painter Štěpán Vrbický and programer Vojtěch Sedláček) have created A Little Movie Room, available at our website www.brickovsky.cz.
Gradually, we are about to add all our documentaries. These films are made independently, in our own production. If you would kindly like to support the creation of a new film, please write to us, or give us a call. Thank you in advance. We wish you a wonderful cinematic experience.